Component: Domiciliary Hostels

Legislation: Ministry of Community and Social Services (MCSS) Act

Service objectives

To assist agencies to meet their obligation to provide safe drinking water at locations from which ministry funded or licensed services are provided.

Program/service features

The Transfer Payment Recipient is expected to meet all its obligations under the Safe Drinking Water Act, 2003 and the Drinking Water Systems Regulation (O.Reg. 170/03) and the preceding Drinking Water Protection Regulation for Smaller Waterworks Serving Designated Facilities (O.Reg. 505/01) at all sites that it uses to deliver ministry funded or licensed services that are subject to these regulations.

People served

People of Ontario

Delivery method

  • The Transfer Payment Recipient will obtain and maintain in force such insurance as is necessary and reasonable to meet their service obligations
  • The Transfer Payment Recipient will provide services or the results expected in accordance with the project criteria, policies, guidelines and requirements of Ontario as communicated to it
  • The Transfer Payment Recipient will maintain service records and submit, annually or at such intervals as requested by the ministry, a report respecting this project, acceptable to ministry staff, which shall include the results achieved, relevant financial information, any other services related information, as required
  • The Transfer Payment Recipient will maintain financial records and books of account with respect to the delivery of services
  • The Transfer Payment Recipient will, unless the ministry indicates otherwise, submit a reconciliation report with respect to funding at the end of the fiscal year and any unspent grant funds and/or funds that have not been expended in accordance with the terms of this component shall be returned to the ministry
  • The Transfer Payment Recipient will abide by Ontario’s policies on the recovery of funds and the treatment of revenues and expenditures and Ontario’s policies with respect to financial reporting
  • The Transfer Payment Recipient will allow ministry staff or such other persons authorized by Ontario to inspect and audit books and records related to delivery of this component

Reporting requirements

The following service data will be reported on at an Interim and Final stage. Please refer to your final agreement for report back due dates and targets

Service Data NameDefinition

SWW: Ministry- funded Agency Expenditures

Total ministry-funded expenses for the Transfer Payment Recipient to administer and/or deliver this service in the reporting year (cumulative).