Component: DSSL - Children's Community Accommodation

Legislation: Child, Youth and Family Services Act, 2017 (CYFSA)

Service objectives

  • To provide accommodation, care and supervision to children with either a developmental or physical disability living in a host family setting
  • To support the development of a personal plan of care based on the principles of person centred planning, self-determination and choice and to provide services that are reflective of this plan

Service description

People served

  • Child and youth with a developmental disability
  • Child and youth - up to the age of 18 years
  • Not living in their family home or in a group living setting
  • Children in host family accommodation, who need supports and assistance with activities of daily living
  • Documented for priority placement through community access mechanism

Program/service features

The program/services contracted by the ministry will reflect the following features.

Specific service provided

  • Community based accommodation and supports for children living in a host family setting
  • Supervision and/or support up to 24 hours per day
  • Individual skill development is based on assessed needs and personal outcome plan
  • Supportive living, recreational and social supports provided by the host family
  • The Transfer Payment Recipient provides program administration, host-family training and indirect supports

Individual planning and goal setting

Each child will have a current plan of care that reflects an assessment of his/her needs and preferences. The plan of care will identify the specific services/supports received by the child, the expected outcomes and be based on the principles of person centred planning, self- determination and choice.

Program goals

To provide accommodation, care and supervision to children with either a developmental or physical disability living in a host family setting.

Services will be

  • Reflective and responsive to child, family and community strengths and needs. Accountable to the child, family and community
  • Sensitive to the social, linguistic and cultural diversity of families and Indigenous


  • Supported by Transfer Payment Recipient staff with the appropriate range of skills and abilities necessary to respond effectively to the needs of children and families
  • Based on the child's and youth's assessed needs, preferences and available individual, agency, community and contracted ministry resources
  • Available through the ministry designated access to service mechanism, which identifies individuals for priority access to service by means of a process, which is objective, equitable and transparent

Ministry expectations

Service agencies will comply with all relevant legislation, regulations, policy directives, program guidelines, funding agreement(s), accountability and reporting requirements.

Reporting requirements

The following service data will be reported on at an Interim and Final stage. Please refer to your final agreement for report back due dates and targets.

Service Data NameDefinition

# of Individuals Served: Associate Living

The unique/unduplicated number of individuals that received this type of service in any language in the reporting year (cumulative). The same person should be counted only once if they received more than one type of this service, or if they exited and re-entered service during the year.

Associate Living: Ministry-funded Agency Expenditures

Total ministry-funded expenses for the Transfer Payment Recipient to administer and/or deliver this service in the reporting year (cumulative).