Component: DSSL - Adults' Community Accommodation

Legislation: Ministry of Community and Social Services (MCSS) Act

Service objectives

To conduct minor repairs and maintenance to achieve compliance with local building code, health and fire code requirements and to ensure support settings are safe for staff and for adults with developmental disabilities.

Service description

People served

Services and supports are for persons who reside in Ontario, are at least 18 years of age and have a developmental disability as defined by the Services and Supports to promote the Social Inclusion of Persons with Developmental Disabilities Act, 2008.

Program/service features

To effect purchases, repairs and maintenance in day support areas & supportive living settings as required and as described in documented repairs and maintenance requests to the ministry.

Services will be

Procured and /or provided in a manner that is consistent with professional trades standards for the repairs and maintenance being provided. Goods and services procured for the replacement of existing furnishings and equipment will meet CSA and other applicable industry and consumer safety and quality standards.

Reporting requirements

The following service data will be reported on at an Interim and Final stage. Please refer to your final agreement for report back due dates and targets.

Service Data NameDefinition

Repairs and Maintenance: Ministry- funded Agency Expenditures

Total ministry-funded expenses for the Transfer Payment Recipient to administer and/or deliver this program in the reporting year (cumulative).