Services delivered: Program Supports and Service Planning

Component: IHWS – Supportive Resources, Training and Capacity Building

Legislation: Ministry of Community and Social Services Act

Service objectives

  • Support the effective and efficient implementation of IHWS programs and services through one-time or time-limited program supports
  • Support relationship building across IHWS service providers and the Government of Ontario (e.g., Collaborative Tables)

Service description

Program Supports and Service Planning funding aims to

  • Provide one-time operational supports to address pressures or challenges experienced by service providers
  • Service system planning and relationship building across IHWS service providers and the Government of Ontario (e.g., Collaborative Tables)
  • Support capacity building through training, research and evaluation activities

Program / Service Features

The program/services contracted by the Ministry will reflect the following features

  • Indigenous cultural approaches are reflected or used as a part of the activities and services

Specific services provided

Program supports

  • Provision of one-time funding to respond to emerging issues and needs in IHWS-funded programs.

IHWS collaborative forums

  • The IHWS Collaborative Forums and Healing Lodge & Treatment Centre Forum are a venue for IHWS partners and service providers to collaborate with the Government of Ontario to support the effective delivery of Indigenous Healing and Wellness Strategy programs and services

Research and evaluation

  • Research and evaluation activities may include:
  • the development of performance and outcome measures implementation of program reviews
  • research on program development, best/wise practices and emerging issues

Reporting requirements

Year-end narrative report

  • Recipients of one-time funding are required to submit a year-end narrative report outlining the outputs and impacts achieved through the one-time funding. A template will be provided by the Indigenous Healing & Wellness Strategy Office. Narrative reports can utilize creative forms of communication and reporting, including audio, visual, oral and/or written formats.

Service data

The following service data will be reported on at an Interim and Final stage. Please refer to your final agreement for report back due dates and targets.

Service Data NameDescription

Ministry-funded Agency Expenditures: PSSP

Total ministry-funded expenses for the Transfer Payment Recipient under Program Supports & Service Planning in the reporting year (cumulative).